How Do you Hell's Canyon!?

The Fish We Catch


Salmon Fishing

This world famous fish is featured on restaurant menus everywhere! Catch  your OWN right here on the Snake River. Another fish with a good rod take down and action all the way to the fish box. Nothing better than BBQing your own fresh catch from the day.

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Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Casting for Bass and setting the hook on an aggressive fish that jumps and darts in the water? Bass fishing is easy and fast in the Canyon. Great fighting fish for kids, beginners and still a favorite for the  experienced anglers. The fast paced action never ends.

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Steelhead Fishing

This beautiful bright colored fish is well known in Hell's Canyon. The take down of the rod can be aggressive and it's common to see the fish jump  and put up a good fight all the way to the net! You can drift fish for a  more active day, or sit back and relax.

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Sturgeon Fishing with Hellbent River Charters

Fishing for this prehistoric giant is worth the wait and reward. Anxiously await for the rod tip to get a nibble, then hear the line rip through the spool of the rod and see the line travel through the river!

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Catching Walleye with Hellbent River Charters

Walleye travel in schools. Find one, there are more to come! They can strike with a light bite and a tug. They can be fished different ways such as trolling or jigging.  Walleye can be fished year-round and they make good eating too!

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